Radek’s Learning Log

Thanks David! :slight_smile:

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I was so happy to see you say that Radek, its straight out of my Acoustic Blues playbook and applies to the last 6 tracks. My head knows what to do my fingers don’t !! Really enjoyed this one even though I am not a festive person these days. Sounded good and delicately played. As for the Rohan theme ? Bring it on !!


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Ulli Bögershausen (German fingerstyle legend) comments that for him learning a new piece takes few months. This said by the person who played fingerstyle entire life gives some perspective what to expect and why to not be so critical about our progress. Some pieces can be learned in the span of few weeks but some will take years, I have few pieces that I practiced longer then 2 years and are still in no shape to be recorded.

Thanks Toby, glad you liked it. The tabs looked innocent and simple but this repeatable stretch 1-4 was giving me some problems (now I’m practicing something with 1-5 stretch :sweat_smile:).

Working on it every day, still bit rough around the edges :neutral_face:.

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