Radek’s Learning Log

:hot_face: …Absoluut I have that feeling too. :hot_face:

But now outside 21 c and in the house 24.8c and slowly going down today :sunglasses:

Have fun playing again in better temps in a moment :sunglasses:


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Great, can’t wait when things get normal again. Enjoy you practise!

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It sounds so beautiful Radek! Also looks so difficult…with all those unknown/unusual chord shapes! Bravo!

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Well that was worth waiting for. You have teased us for some time with this project, what a joy for this day to finally arrive. That was totally exquisite Radek, there is so much feeling and emotion in your touch on this one. Sorry but the shaky end did not cut through at this end. But we all know when things could have gone a little better, if that was so I could not spot it.

Looking forward to more of this and may have to dive back into the LOTR soundtracks I have somewhere on the PC, such majestic score !

Thank you for sharing.


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Thank you Silvia. I admit that it was (and sometimes still is) not easy to play it clean. But I’m glad I made it, it gives enough confidence to attempt other challenging pieces. There is this beautiful song, “Never Forget” from The Murder on the Orient Express - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHHqAqn-E50. As much as I would like to play it I need to save it for later and gradually work my way up working on something else.

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Thank you Toby, I’m happy that you remember my old posts with bits and pieces of this theme. There is something very special about The Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack. It takes me to places and events that I read about as a child and then later watched as an adult. And I assume this is what makes me want to learn and play it, to retell the stories that I enjoy.

I have two or three more pieces from the trilogy that I’d like to cover sometime.

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I’m trying not to fall out of shape with the recordings but the circumstances are challenging. The noise outside is making the process stressful and frustrating. Nevertheless, a small playful chorus from The Final Countdown. It does not resemble much the original rhythm so it is a “classical” interpretation rather than a cover. It also greatly improved pinky strength, so it is a quite useful exercise.