Radioactive cover Kira

Hi guys

I took me forever to get this recorded but… I said i would do it.
So here we are.

Love kira


@dailin your video is Marked Private.

Ops thats not the point. Is it marked private when you go over to YouTube? Or here?

Here it shows private and if I click on the you tube arrow it just takes me to the you tube main page.

I will have to figure out what i did wrong then.

Thanks for the heads up

Hi Kira,
All you need to do is to mark your video as unlisted in the settings and that should open it up to the community.

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Should work now

Congrats on posting your first AVOYP. Good strumming, good time feel. Sounded like the song!

With the stops - I assume they were intentional pop stops - think about if you want the chord to ring out, or stop. Sometimes one sounds better and sometimes another. More often than not you would mute the strings with a pop stop.

Great first vid, keep it up.


Congrats Kira and a good opening post. Good steady strumming and smooth chord changes. My only piece of advice would be to look more at the camera when you play but that will come naturally with time and as you get more comfortable. Great job!


congrats, keep those songs coming!

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Well done Kira, great stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a vet good first AVOYP effort Kira, you should be proud!

JK makes some very good points on the stops, I actually think the strumming you went with was a little too busy for the song but that’s personal really, overall the strumming was nice and consistent. Only advice would be maybe to focus a little on strumming accuracy, especially with the D as you could hear the lower strings a fair bit. That will come with practice regardless tho.

Top job! :+1::clap:

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Hey Kira great to put a face to the nickname! Well done on your first recording you did really good!

Your strumming was spot on, arm was moving and chord changes were clean. Good advice from JK on pop stops, think about it next time you play this tune and I am sure in no time you’ll sound even better. All the best!

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Hi Kira,
Congratulations on your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:…that is something you should be absolutely proud of :sunglasses: . I foresee a bright guitar future if you keep practicing at this pace :bouquet:

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Bravo, and well played Kira, making recordings, sharing here, and getting encouragement plus feedback/suggestions will be invaluable.

I don’t like to assume but the majority of people here play right-handed. If you aren’t a left-handed player then I suggest you look at your phone camera settings and turn on the flip/mirror setting to correct that.

Camera angles can be deceptive, so disregard this comment if that is the case. The guitar body looks to be relatively big and I wondered if getting your arm over the top of the body is causing your shoulder to hunch up. If that is the case then keep an eye on that since in time it could lead to some stress and strain on the body. And maybe in time a guitar with a small body shape may be more comfortable and healthy to play. As I say, may be just a bad camera angle.

Your playing was smooth, clean, sounded really good.

Keep on keeping on!

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Brilliant Kira. I was definitely singing along with your playing there :clap:

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Great ! You motivate me to work on this song. Thank you ! :grinning:

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Really great job on your first post.
Very nicely done, your strings are vibrant, and the sound is full, that’s what we want!!!

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Good first AVoYP Kira. Keep it up, I look forward to more from you.

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Nice entrance, Kira; sounding good. Now that you have the recording thing figured out I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you. Looking forward to it.

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