Radiohead - No Surprises Cover

This week’s offering. I attempted it badly in a session with some friends during the week. Playing in public occasionally ends up with me playing completely differently than I do at home. Too fast with a different strumming pattern. Thankfully I got some nice constructive feedback from the guys which I’ve tried to incorporate into this…(not the dogs walking around in the background)

Hope you get something from this.


Hello, I’m finding your recording most enjoyable…Both playing and singing sound great really! Such a beautiful song :heart_eyes:

Strumming seems really solid, and I really liked the vocal…very relaxed!

My only note (as a listener) is that the intro sounded a little tentative and weak. Maybe practice it in isolation…slow it down and make sure every note rings out loud and clear, for the proper duration. Then speed up again until back to performance tempo.

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Really enjoyed that, Dom! Such a cool tune and you certainly did it justice. Felt your vocals fit really well with the mood of the song. Thanks for sharing! :clap: :smiley: :+1:

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I really enjoyed this! This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs and you certainly did it justice. I was singing along with you. Great vocal too.

Loved this. Nice change of pace for these forums. Not an easy song to sing I imagine but you got it spot on. Good dynamics as well. Well done. Next up Paranoid Android?

Love to sing and play that song myself.

I hear in your long syllables and notes that you have good voice in there.

Your song suffer a bit from pacing issues which get better around the 02:00 mark

Your main melody seems to miss little chuncks here and there, making the timing go odd in my own head while the fully strummed parts are pretty solid.


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Point taken. Was really only working on the strumming. In days gone by I wouldn’t have dreamt of uploading it because of its incompleteness. Appreciate the honesty though. That’s what we need

Another excellent one Dom. I thought your playing and singing we really good. Loved it.

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Thanks for that. I was aware of timing. I ignored it. I’ve just played along with a metronome and it’s a different song

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Yeah, I think there’s a lot of benefit from posting things that are still in progress. Many people (i e.g. me :slight_smile: ) want to wait till it’s “good enough” and end up never posting at all. Missing out on good constructive criticism on issues they may not even be aware of.

And praise as well. So many people saying “excuse my singing” who are perfectly good singers!

I should take my own advice and post more.

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Capital, Dom! That kind of music will lift anyone’s spirits up :rofl:
I thought the strumming pattern worked really well with your vocals. It was really enjoyable to listen to. Nice balance between the two and a full richness coming from your guitar.
The ‘variation’ intro and occ timing hiccup will iron themselves out in time.
This is a keeper for your repertoire :smiley:

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Can’t state anything on the technical side, cause I’m a novice, all I can say is that I liked it.

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Super stuff as always Dom. Loved your playing and great emotion with your vocals. Keep up the great work!

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Hi Dom,

Really nice song from when I could listen to Radiohead without feeling underwhelmed.

Thought your playing and vocal were very good.


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Thanks for posting - That’s a good performance, very solid, good timing and tempo, and very nice relaxed vocal.

I sympathise with the speeding up thing when playing live to an audience - it’s something we all battle with - I think the cause is that a bit of stage anxiety make us “fill the gaps” between the notes, getting to the next strum too quick and so on


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