Raffle: Win a Unique Gray Guitar!

A unique replica of my (pink) Gray Guitar can be yours for only £5! Here’s how. :slight_smile:


This is my favourite of Justin’s guitars. After buying a few tickets in the last raffle and not winning it, I think I’ll buy a few tickets so I can not win this one too. :nerd_face:


I shall raise an alert about the auto link failure

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Nor did I, since I apparently had been too lazy to read the complete newsletter :grin:. Thanks @markr31 :slightly_smiling_face:

After a short debate with myself, that went something like…

“Oh, a guitar” → “Yes, so what?” → "She looks beautiful… And she sounds even more beautiful → “Sure, only when you play her she will not sing. Plus: You don’t like that shade of pink anyhow” → “She is not pink. She is Gray” → “Hmm… Yes, but… you will not win anyways…don’t waste your money” → “It is a GUITAR”

… I bought a few tickets :grin:

Good luck to everyone!! Hopefully someone from the community will win :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


I can see Justin continuing to raffle off guitars on a regular basis and us all realising at some point that we could have just bought a new guitar with the amount that we spent on raffle tickets


But we’ll keep doing it!


Absolutely, most definitely! It supports JG and also makes sure the ticket sales go over 2000 so somebody will win it :smiley: I’m pretty sure that they’ll go over 2000 anyway, but still… both good reasons to buy a ticket or 2 (or a few) :grin:
Plus, that really is one sweet guitar :heart_eyes:

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Lol, yeah… probably not. I will probably get a ticket (s) you never know, and at the very least, it’s a donation.

I read somewhere on the ticket website that you can buy till then end of August, OR until all tickets are sold so I think it’s a finite amount available, does that increase the odds, I wonder?


I’m also going to not win it despite my finest efforts :wink:
It’s such a great sounding guitar in Justin’s hands, having a replica will surely make me sound like him right? :slight_smile:


This is an exciting draw. I’ve just bought 4 tickets but don’t appear to have received the 5th free ticket as mentioned. Do I need to do anything else?

@larynejg Can you help?

Bought 4 tickets. I may feel lucky this time.

If you bought 4 tickets but didn’t get your free one, please contact Raffall and their support team will assist them as soon as possible.

For those of us who bought 4 tickets but didn’t get your 5th free ticket as part of the promotion, you will need to contact Raffall support. It appears that I bought my tickets before the promotion had been enabled on the site.

A quick support email to the Raffall folks and it was sorted very quickly, excellent customer service.

:frowning: Oh no ! My bank does not want me to have that cool Gray guitar. :cry: I was so close to winning it haha !

Raffall is the first website where I have that kind of extra step verification with my credit card.

To complete the purchase, my bank sends a verification code to my email, but the email takes so long to arrive that the code is expired. After three failed attempts, my bank seemed to have blocked my card as fraud prevention.

Goodbye guitar pratice time for today … I’ll have to call my bank instead ahaha. :frowning:

Is there any way to help out with the raffle without joining Facebook? That company is a privacy sieve.

Yes, on Raffal, I clicked on ‘create a free account’ and I did not use facebook at all for the signup .

This online raffle is illegal in many US states, if not in certain other countries. I asked Rafall about complying with laws weeks ago, since they’re clearly out of compliance with my state’s laws (Washington–conversation with the state’s gambling commission bore this out). But the company refused to respond. They know full well that what their doing is largely illegal, but they don’t really care. They are not reputable or honest.

Ermm, have you read the Terms & Conditions of entry?

IANAL but my interpretation of this is:

  • The host (Justin) has to be resident in a jurisdiction where it is legal to host such a raffle. Justin is based in the UK. I don’t know if he has fulfilled local UK regulations for this or not, but that’s his responsibility, not Raffall’s.

  • It is the responsibility of any participant to read and agree to the above terms and conditions, which includes ensuring it is legal for them to enter such a competition.

You’ve checked the local regulations, and you cannot, legally, enter. So don’t.

Sucks for you, but well done for checking, although it doesn’t seem like you read the T&C’s.

But don’t accuse people or companies of being “not reputable or honest” without knowing the facts or understanding the situation fully.


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Thanks for flagging. It has been referred back to the JG team to double-check.