Raking / muting

I’m spending some time actively working on raking, which I occasionally do naturally, but I’d like more control over it. The only real raking lessons on JG only discusses muting with the fretting hand, but it seems the rest of the internet favours palm muting as the primary technique (often combined with some left hand muting).

How do the good people of this site think about muting when raking … just fretting hand, just palm muting or both?

I only started looking at that, and not seriously yet. only fretting hand makes sense to me.

it seems like palm muting will generate too much potential for unwanted noise from moving over the strings or missing the mute. I get too much mute down-strummed, and none up-strummed.

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Yep - certainly agree that for an up-strum rake there’s only really one choice.

Watched a video that talked about muting strings with your picking thumb as you pass to the unmuted string … Lets just say thats not a technique I have down yet

I’m not entirely sure what you mean Paul, do you mean like in sweep picking?

Taking is playing a bunch strings muted before you play a note

So sweep across d, g, b strings muted before playing something on high E

Gives quite a statement on a note

Puck puck puck bazaaaa etc

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Something like this I suppose https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/36-srv-p1-rake-it-bl-536


Yep - this is the technique, although it’s more often a down ‘strum’ - this lick uses an up rake. With the up rake, the only real possibility is freting hand muting, but with a down rake other palm muting can come into play.

Justin has this lesson, but it doesn’t mention palm muting at all …


Thanks, I hadn’t seen that technique before.

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Ooh you’re gonna have fun