Random meandering on C Major scale

Few wrong notes in there too but first time playing with backing rhythm.


Well done, Salil. Once the scale is under the fingers then making music by playing over a BT is the essential next step.

I listened to the first few minutes (8 minutes is a long time to listen to what here we affectionately call ‘noodling’) and there were a number of moments when the melodies and phrases sounded pretty sweet.

For future I suggest firstly record and share 2-3 minute clips of your playing of this nature and maybe try turn the BT up just a little louder, it was very much background as I was listening.

Keep on keeping on.

Thanks David. Appreciate the kind words and genuine feedback. Yes I did start off with a 2-3 minute BT but wanted to challenge myself to play the right scale notes for longer, and happened to record it at the same time so for a lack of better recording here it was added.
Will keep that in mind next time.
Also with a longer BT I found I was able to learn along what notes went well with the chord changes. 4-5 mins onwards I could sense my playing was making more sense. Thanks again!

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Hello Salil.
Kudos for wanting to begin exploring how a scale can work over a backing track for improvisation.
8 + minutes is a long recording to ask people to listen to as @DavidP says. Cut it right down to about 2 minutes.

I read a comment from you yesterday saying you had learned a few patterns of the C major scale and were trying to connect them. I encourage you to stop there and just take a few steps back. You are littering your path with obstacles that you need not have to overcome when there was a simple, clear and easy route to follow.

So I need to ask …
Have you reached Module 2 of the beginner course yet?
Justin introduces just one positino of the C major scale and later in the module gives this lesson on improvisation using that scale pattern: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/major-scale-improvisation-bg-1006
The guidance you need is within. Keep it short, simple and reduce the options to help bring focus and clarity - fewer strings, simple phrases that you repeat, allow space between phrases.


Thanks Richard. I have started looking into the course now. Still exploring this entire space so the courses especially are new for me. Thanks for sharing the link.

Some nice bits in there Salil.

I didn’t do the whole 8 minutes but it’s amazing how quickly time passes when you are noodling.

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