Random test recording jam

Hi =] I’m a relatively new guitar player, I still consider myself a beginner but I think I have a few random intermediate skills. I started practicing with a pretty well structured practice routine a few years ago but once I learned enough to have fun playing I kinda stopped practicing properly and have just played around and learned and had fun for a few years hehe. I’ve accumulated a little random music theory throughout life from various experiences, and basically all of the guitar skills I know I learned from Justin. :wink:

This is my introductory video and basically a recording test. The quality isn’t excellent (sorry lol), and each track was done in only one take. It was a good learning experience and I’m happy to share it and get some feedback. This is the first song I’ve ever “written” which basically means taking random chord progressions and strumming patterns that I like and combining them into something structured. Bass line is improvised on the major scale, around the root notes of the chords and the lead is similarly improvised on the major scale but at least an octave higher.


Welcome to the Community Timothy, what a pleasant introduction, especially on a damp grey Sunday morning. Liked what I was hearing so you must be doing alright ! Some nice runs and motifs in there, so the overall song worked well. More experienced folk may provide any critique to make improvements here and there. Nice share,


Wow Timothy! Beginner? Seriously?

Weaving the three parts together like you did shows some terrific musical talent. Well done mate!
“Firstsong02” - that’s a very catchy name you came up with :joy:

Welcome Timothy and congratulations on your first video. It was excellent, very melodic and enjoyable. I wouldn’t classify this as a beginner for sure. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your future videos.

Thanks for the positive feedback! Yeah it’s a little misleading to call myself a beginner but that’s how I feel still, probably because I know there are big gaps in my knowledge and skills but I’ve been filling in those gaps a little lately, and finally tying it all together. I believe it’s been about five years since I started, not really brand new :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my first practice tools was a looper pedal and I probably have done 90% of my playing/practicing with loops so layering has become pretty natural lol. I just became somewhat proficient with A and E shape barre chords within the last year or so, and making a progression with them is so nice because you’re practically already playing the bass line on an intuitive major scale, so there’s a reference for the bass part based on the chord progression that’s already intuitive from putting together and practicing the chords. It’s amazing how much theory helps with improvisation honestly.

I was feeling pretty good today so I recorded this one again. I’m not sure what direction it will go but I’m enjoying experimenting with it.