Re-introduction Paul (BlindFarmer) From Virginia

Hello everyone. I am returning to Justin Guitar and starting over. I was born legally blind with optic atrophy. My left eye measures 20/800 and not measurable in the right. I live on a fixed disability income. I am very grateful for this website being offered like it is. Thank you to Justin and the team for providing this resource. It means a great deal to me. I have a budget acoustic guitar from Orangewood. It is an all laminate guitar kit with tuner, capo, thin picks, and gig bag. I have a stand for it and extra Daddario light gauge strings. My goal in general is to have fun. Play as a hobby, for therapy, a way to express and feel emotions. I attempted guitar before but life got in the way. All that is behind me know. Thank you again for providing this great system of learning for those who want to learn but could not afford it otherwise. Thank you for the honor system format.


Welcome back to the new community Paul

Welcome back Paul; enjoy your stay! :smiley:

Hi Paul good to see you moving over to a new platform! How are you, did you practice all this time all you had a little break?

In a nutshell I have to do more family care than normal. Family member in hospital on ventilator for weeks. I stopped the guitar at that point. I went with something easier to learn, the ukulele. At that time I was using the ukulele to help deal with emotions. That is behind me now. I want to get back on acoustic guitar. It is like starting over in a way.

Oh hopefully your family member is okay now and glad to hear you are able to get back to a guitar again :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. One step at a time. Music is such a great thing. I think it will be hard work, yet very rewarding.

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Good to see you back Paul and that you have crossed over to the new house ! :sunglasses:

Glad you’ve joined us over on the new site Paul and pleased to hear you’re back into guitar.

Thank you very much. This really is a wonderful community.

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Hello Paul and welcome to the new place. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the welcome. This will be work but it will also be rewarding.

Good to see you hear again, Paul, and back into guitar!

Thank you very much.