Re-String 12-string

Hi all, took the plunge and bought a 12-string acoustic (Faith Venus) a few months ago, and now need to change the strings. Anything to be aware of specific to 12-strings (apart from there are more of’em!)
Changed strings on standard acoustics many times , but thought it was a question worth asking
Thanks in advance👍

Hi Frank,

Fundamentally, it’s the same process as with usual 6-string acoustic guitars. However, the space between the tuning pegs is obviously smaller, so you may need to be more careful when tightening the strings and positioning your fingers to maintain tension. I think it’s better to start with the E string on each side and work towards the middle so that finger placement will be easier.

Hi Josef, thanks for the tip about satarting on thr E strings and working inwards​:+1::slightly_smiling_face: