Re-subscribe to newsletter doesn't work


Some time ago i unsubscribed from the newsletter due to no time, no feel etc.

Lately i try to re-subscribe on the website in my account and set the newsletter form ‘off’ to ‘on’, but If i come back the next day, it’s back to ‘off’ again. tried it several times the last two/three weeks, no luck.

Something someone can look into?

Hi Edwin @Inbusboutje, I think we need to loop in @larynejg to help answer your question!

I had this issue, too. I contacted the support and they fixed it in no time (Thanks to @larynejg). :slight_smile:

I have been trying to re subscribe last week to, and found the same problem, it always reverts to the off position

Thanks for the replies.

So what to do next, will someone from the team pick this up?

Yes, that’s the hope! It’s summer, though, and maybe vacations are impacting things. Let’s looop @FannyJustinGuitar in to see if she can help.


Hey everyone! Please email to request an update on your newsletter preferences for now. We will update the site as soon as we can to fix this issue! Thanks for your understanding. Cheers!

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