Reality Check on Strumming Course bundled with Justin's Lessons and Songs app

I’ve purchase the Android “Lessons and Songs” app that has the Strumming Foundation (Grade 1) course bundled with the application.

I’m just curious, but does that give me access to the same Grade 1 Strumming Foundation course on

Strumming is an issue for me, so I definitely need the course.
But I’m also sight-impaired, and my hands have tremors, so I find using Android apps to be difficult. I prefer to use a computer when possible.

If not available on the main site - that’s Ok!

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Daniel @LamphunLamyai
As far as I am aware it is the same but I have the paid for strumming course but not the app so can’t be certain.

Yeah, they are the same Strumming Foundation Grade 1 courses.

If strumming is an issue for you, like for me, I would recommend Justin’s paid strumming course. The price is quite low and it is super helpful, beyond the fundamentals nested in the main course. Totally worth it. Do the main course fundamentals, then add the two level course.

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@larynejg is there something you can do to help Daniel out?

I’m sure @larynejg Layrne will answer soon, but in the meantime: when I log in to my dashboard and click the APP icon in the left-hand pane, the resulting page states: " :calling: My app is available for mobile devices and doesn’t sync with the website." Because the paid strumming course is delivered via the website, I don’t think it can “know” that you’re subscribed to the app.


When buying the app, you get the strumming foundations course for free, but only in the app. It doesn’t give you access to the same strumming course on the website since app accounts and website accounts are not linked, unfortunately. There are ways to use mobile apps on a computer, but I must admit I can’t help you with that. Maybe someone else on here (or Google…) can help you with that, I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads before.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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Thanks to those who have tagged @larynejg
If she hasnt replied by tomorrow morning UK time I wll send her a dm.

There are ways to use mobile apps on a computer

Yeah, I’ve looked into that, but neither of my monitors are compliant to the communication standards required to link my phone to and external monitor.
You would think by now that USB to HDMI would be robust here in 2023, but it’s not.
Different vendors are using different “standards” (which means they are not standards).
I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy that doesn’t support either Samsung DeX or Mobile High-definition Link (MHL). I could buy an MHL adapter. But as far as I know my monitor doesn’t support MHL.

Someone mentioned using an Android emulator. I’ve going to give the a try first, like probably tomorrow. I’ll play around with it on a virtual machine to see if it works or not.
We’ll see. Thanks for the suggestion.

The emulator-thing was what I meant, but I’m less tech-savvy than you are. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Bluestack Android emulator gave me good result with the app for playing songs on a big screen.

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Hi there!

That’s the case - the site and app are different tools and don’t share a user database. As an exception, if you have an active subscription to the app, please email, and we’ll add Strumming Foundations to your site account without extra charge.

To clarify, this is a manual process, which is the reason we don’t do this automatically. It sounds easy, but it’s not, so we apologize for the restrictions and assure you we work hard to improve your experience with Justin’s tools.