Really frustrated about progress

This for me goes in circles. Been playing guitar for about 10 yrs (started when I was fifty. I have played musical instrument all my life but not guitar.
I find I can learn the individual lessons that are published, but fail dismally to put them together in order to create music on my own. (I do not have the opportunity to play music with others as I did in the past so rely on individual motivation and progress. I aim predominantly looking at blues, but struggle to connect of the different aspects of the genre to create music. I can learn the licks, the pentatonic scales and positions and everything else associated with it but cannot for the life of me just put it together. I can learn musical pieces but again it will just be that piece of music (such as little wing). Has anyone else struggled with this, and if so how did you connect the dots. ( the guitar is not like other instruments I have played)

Hi Eddie and welcome.

Have you tried improvising over Justin’s backing tracks?

Can’t comment much on your approach, I went the other way and focused on rhythm, maybe a looper pedal would be in order? Get some chord sequences down and then solo over those.

Rick Beato has some great content on improvisation…… and putting theory into practice. Especially his short format stuff, I think this pops up more on instagram…

I think I am a long way off putting my own stuff together so happy learning songs for now. :rofl: I tend to skip the solos, I need to find someone like yourself :rofl:

Is it a matter of perspective and expectations? If you’re playing stuff like Little Wing that sounds pretty advanced in terms of progress.

Composing is a different skill. It strikes me that most of the songs we listen to are the best of the best of the best. Top class musicians write hundreds or thousands of songs. They’re prolific. Only some of those end up on albums. Only a handful of those are the classics we remember. Most of us aren’t writing classics, really.