Really gratefu🙏

Just would like to give a big thank you to Lieven & Richard and the JustinGuitar Team. Its been a great experience learning guitar at 63. Also a big thank you to the Class of 23. Its great knowing I’m not alone on this journey. A big thanks to Justin and this community. :pray:


Thanks Bob. :slight_smile:

Bob @Bobsuruncle

Interesting to hear you were a member of the Class of 23 and pleased you found the experience helpful. I am a year ahead of you on the journey and if it had existed would have joined a class of 22.

I and probably others in the community would be interested in your experiences if you would like to share but don’t feel any pressure to do so.

Michael :grinning:


Hey Michael Absolutely no problem. Its been great so far. Ive been blessed as Lieven gave me 1 yr of the Music Theory Course. Even more blessed that I had 2 video sessions with Lieven. My experience so far has been simply amazing with the Class of 23. A lot of support from the members. Were into our 3rd challenge which is doing a song from beginning to end with the 8 chords we’ve learned. Hope your having a great journey. Thank you kindly for asking.

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Bob @Bobsuruncle

I am glad it has worked out for you and the other members of the class.

I started 18 months ago and thanks to Justin’s lessons and the support from those in the community am consolidating grade 2.

As a beginner on your own you often get confused or don’t understand something, I am certainly guilt of ask some silly questions, but always had helpful advice from the community.


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