Reaper plugins

For you guys who use Reaper, where do you source your plugins from please?

I’d like some chorus and reverb, that sort of thing?

Thanks. :slight_smile:



Reaper has its own plugins for Reverb and Chorus. See Kenny for details. Obviously free with the software. I have quite a few Waves packages acquired over the years but the “in-house” ones will get you started. See tuts below.


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Besides the plugins that come with Reaper, the plugins from Tukan Studios is a good choice. They are free and serve as a good package. Here links and stuff from Reaper own website:

Here is a video with some deeper insight:

Here video how to install on mac:

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Thank you both for the links, I’ll give them a watch through.

Sorry for the slow reply, I’d forgotten I’d posted the question. I’m so old. :upside_down_face:

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