Recently discovered 1967 Gibson documentary


Thanks for this it was fascinating.
Very labour intensive and you do wonder how many of the processes are now automated.
Michael :guitar:

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Thanks for this, just got around to looking at it, holidays to organise and football match to watch, not even picked my guitar yet today!
When you compare the two, there was not as much automation, as I expected it is still labour intensive.
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@MAT1953 If you find yourself with some time to kill and without the guitar at hand you may enjoy this series of videos. I find their master luthier very interesting and knowledgeable.


I’ve never had very much dexterity in my hands and was not really interesting in woodworking and things like that, but seeing this kind of instrument factory and the skills of the people makes me envious.

That 20th anniversary guitar is sure a nice token of appreciation to the employees.

@Jozsef It sure is a nice way to show appreciation to their employees given them a Les Paul Supreme.

Just want to mention how beautiful that Gibson les paul studio is in smokehouse burst that he’s holding in the video.

I had an epiphone les paul special in smokehouse and it didn’t look nearly as good as that.

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