Recommend a Truefire course to me

I’ve won a course credit in their Rocktober giveaway so now I can download one of their courses for free. Only I have no idea which one.
I’m somewhere on the spectrum between beginner and intermediate.

Boy ! Where to start. There are so many courses, so many tutors and so many genres. I could make suggestions but that would only be based on what I wish to learn and develop. Can you be a bit more specific on area you want go and where you are now with Justin.



Black Water Doobie Brothers Tyler Grant.

This song has been a dream of mine for a long time. What I like about the lesson is besides the double drop D fingerstyle, (and I am mainly a fingerstyle player), it has a standard tuning campfire strumming version that is quite easy.

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I just went to their site. I remembered that session musician (and lovely man) Tim Pierce put his class on Truefire.

The site actually upset me. There are too many courses for anyone to navigate through and stay sane. And there are too many links on each page. I suspect their business model is not for me. . And I would be wary of them trying multiple ways to get you to pay for stuff. The site reminded me of a used car site in the states like Carvana.

Is this for a song or a whole course? I think how the teacher works is more important than whether s/he is at your level. When I was not able to play I spent many hours watching tutorials and musician’s channels on YouTube. I picked up all sorts of little things. So I would literally pick someone I thought was a kind and effective teacher.

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I bought the 1 year all-access membership in a sale and I’m asking myself the same question as you. There are so many courses of different difficulty levels and topics. I don’t know which one to start right now. So, I’d be happy to know which one you’ll eventually choose.

If you like fingerstyle, I have seen good reviews about the David Hamburger courses. I think that Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1 is the starter course. So, I think that I will try it soon.

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  1. Get a yearly “All Access” pass
  2. Go crazy!

Lessons from Robben Ford, Corey Congilio, and Jeff McErlain (to mention a few) are off the hook – not to mention the backing tracks that go with their lessons. Go git you some!


Have to admit, thats what I would do. One time fee and download, download, download, download, download, download, download, lol



Everything! Jazz… blues… rock… If there was a Truefire for stoner/doom metal I’d be all over it :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean. There’s almost always a sale going on too, it looks like a shopping channel. The teachers and courses are legit though.

I have done that in the past. I have Eric Haugen’s CAGED course because I love his Youtube content and wanted to support him even though it’s a bit to advanced for me now.

Winner :stuck_out_tongue: His guitar method based on roots music is actually what I started with. I got the beginner electric blues course.

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Well a lot of rock is Blues based, so may some Blues starters ? I have full access and acquired some of Corey Congilio’s courses amongst others. Would certainly recommend his 30 Beginners Blues Licks. There are a few “educators” I’ve not gelled with, so best to have a looked and watch some previews. I’ve also found Jeff McErlain quite good but that’s just me.

I understand what Pat is saying, its hard to know where to start as there is so much content and if it wasn’t for Clint posting a reference to the 30 BBL course, I doubt I’d have visited. That said I have actually purchased a few Blues and Bass courses and some Southern Rock natch !


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Let’s be clear, Justin is the king of guitar instruction – start here and circle back often.

The reasons to look outside of the Justin guitar-sphere are:

  1. Curiosity. Be curious, stay curious because that’s what fuels creativity.
  2. Invest in yourself. Expanding your skillset is a better investment than buying new gear (although new gear can inspire as well).
  3. I can’t think of a third reason at the moment, rest assured there is at least one or two more good reasons. :slight_smile:
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I recommend David Hamburger’s courses if you have an interest in fingerstyle blues.

I’m at the end of Grade 3 in Justin’s program and found that Hamburger’s Fingerstyle Blues Handbook Vol 1 was a perfect fit for my level (self described as “late beginner”). It’s 20 blues studies that build somewhat progressively. The studies are short, typically a 12 or 16 bar piece.

Originally I started the DH “Blues Factory” course, which is 40 licks followed by some songs - I decided I needed a better foundation in Fingerstyle so pivoted to the Handbook course (still doing the Factory course in parallel but at a slower pace so I can focus on the basics).

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It’s ok to link truefire stuff here guys.
If you won a coupon, you got to use it! :smiley:

I subscribe to Joe Robinson’s Udemy courses on Udemy but he seems to have some Truefire stuff too

His fingerstyle launchpad might be a nice intro to fingerpicking?

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I did look at Truefire’s “Country Guitar” courses and they’re not very good at all. There’s no structure to them, they bounce around from basic skills to complex theory (rattled through with no clear explanation) to riffs and licks that don’t even sound very “Country” and back, randomly, to some basic skills again.

If nothing else it highlighted just how much skill and hard work goes into Justin’s stuff.

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