Recommendations for affordable audio/video recording setup

Frustratingly enough, my Samsung Galaxy A34 leaves a lot to be desired in the realm of A/V recording. The primary issue is with the audio quality as well as the ability to “frame” a session (I always seem too far away or too close).
Also I found that smartphones (which I personally don’t like - it’s an ‘age thing’) tend to have functions and lack functions based on the make and model. This particular model doesn’t support an external BT microphone for recording purposes. Higher end models of the Samsung Galaxy phone provide that support, just not mine. Live and learn.

All I want is a modestly priced, affordable set up for recording solo music sessions.

I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

I’ve started usign my partners small camcorder with attachment mic. The added mic allows me to sync my main mics.

I have the camcorder 4K, attachment mic, tripod. Extra lights as needed, LED lights with stands.
All this should be really easy to find , my first AVOYP is with the camcorder before I used the DAW but, I didn’t normalise the volume. It would be a good judge of the cam/mic volume if you need to look at it.


Hey Daniel -

I think one of the key decisions you need to make is whether you are willing to record video and audio separately. If you do this, then it means you can use you existing phone for video, and for audio you could use a studio microphone and record on a computer via an audio interface. The more modular approach means it’s easier to upgrade parts of your set up at a later date.
The downside to this is it will take longer to set up, and longer to edit as you’ll need to stitch the video and audio together.
Many people (including me) take the separate / modular approach, but it does make production more fiddly.

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