Recommendations for noise blocking ear plugs please

I’m going to a weekly OM. It’s very noisy and gets noisier as the night wears on. The louder the crowd, the louder the performers are. Last night it was painful. I want to protect my hearing.

A friend of mine who does a lot of gigging said she uses these.

Any recommendations?


Wow, those are really expensive.

I don’t have any brand recommendations, but when I played drums I used ear plugs regularly. I mostly used cheap ones from the pharmacy and they all worked. And they were all CHEAP. It was just a comfort thing. I found that the foam ones you squish were the most effective for noise blocking, but i had another set that had a string between them that was also OK.

Foam ones were kind of like this.

The set with the string were kind of like this.

Some might be too effective. It’s worth trying a few.


I bought these for my wife to use at concerts, who says it is like someone just turning the volume down, also she has small ear canals and they fit her. Normally she never uses earbuds etc. They work better than the foam ones that she uses to not hear me snoring :rofl:

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Hi Maggie,
Here in various shops you can buy good ones between 14 and a lot more euros,…which are especially for listening to music as said above “just as if the volume is turned back” …cheap foam things are worthless if you want to hear some more quality of what is being played,…
Good that you buy them,…better safe than sorry,… :sunglasses:
Greetings ,me

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You need something to take out the top 30% of decibels, which is where damage occurs. You will still hear music, only better, believe it or not.

Jkhan has it right. I use free foam ones at gym classes, where they have the volume cranked up to 11. I don’t go to classes to get deaf. I go to get fit :-)).

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A cheap set waxy foam disposables , used to use them on our bikes. Basically one time use but you can get 500 pairs lol.

Easy to find on Amazon

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Maggie like Rachel said search for some motorcycle helmet ear defenders you’ll get a bag of them cheap as chips. Will send a link later when I get back home as out walking Sophie. The ones you’ve posted are well over the top and way too expensive and the bike ones are just as functional for the situation you want to use them in.:sunglasses:

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Okay,…an addition,…I read that you also want to listen to music there,…if that’s the case …buy good earplugs…you just want to mute everything and don’t make it If you can still hear the music decently, buy the cheap one,

This is the advice of doctors in the Netherlands found on many sites, heard on radio and the news stations,…it has been a hot topic here in recent weeks…

"Earplugs with a music filter. They protect your ears and ensure that you can continue to enjoy the music,this in contrast to the soft foam earplugs "

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Being a long time tinnitus sufferer from to many concerts from the 70 - 80’s where audio is not near what it is at todays shows. Years in factory without required hearing protection has not helped. You can go cheap but I have found hearing loss is something in looking back I would have paid to protect. I eventually paid for the molded ear pieces with an experienced audiologist. Hearing loss and playing guitar using expensive hearing aids sucks. Protect your hearing in youth. It is worth every penny


Topic stater, please follow this advice. Don’t play with those cheap plugs, your ear canal needs to be 100% closed for plugs to work. Molded ones are just the best.

Choose a music filter that filters 20-25 Decibels.

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Thanks so much @jkahn @philsmith @roger_holland @MarkDickens @Libitina @TheMadman_tobyjenner @Geezguit @demon326 for your valued replies.

Protecting my hearing is more important than the dollars I spend. I’ve tried the foam ones, they are all too big for my bat ear canals.

I’ll look into all the other suggestions you good people have made.

Thankyou so much.


I agree with getting the moulded ones if you can afford them. I got mine fitted at a guitar show several years ago. Mine were from ACS, but there’s several brands around.



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I found Loop Earplugs the best. I have the Experience Pro pack. They are so comfortable and don’t fall out and you don’t have to push them into you ear canal. You can still hear, they cut down the noise but still leave the sound clear. They were about $56 au.

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@Majik thanks a lot Keith, I’m looking into this option.
@Lone_wolf thanks very much Jo Jo. I’ll add this to my research.