Recommendations for Software to Create a Song Book

Is it possible to import songs on songbook pro?
I want to scan a few songs from justinguitar songbooks and it would be amazing if I could import them in songbook pro

No; I do that, too.

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Yes you can. Scan them and save them as a PDF file. Unfortunately you won’t be able to edit then or change key.

I’m with you @jkahn . I have all songs in plastic sleeves including the ones I’m learning. Rarely do I straight out print songs either, I usually write out songs myself or sometimes print out the lyrics and hand write the chords and any other reminders I need. Its part habit but also out of a desire to have some screen free time in my life.

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Not really JK, when I started out I used print off from Ult Gtr via a dot matrix printer and had about 250 plus pages in ring binders.

The bonus I find with something like Songbook Pro, is that I can easily create Set Lists (actually @Rossco01 Jason recommended Setlist Helper on an old forum post, which is where I started first) that was handy for early OMs when doing more than one song.

And other features such as adjustable scroll rate and a built in flashing metronome, makes it a great aid when trying to get a song down and memorised. After that its there as a prompt.

One thing I’ve not worked out or looked into and started by accident is a “drone tone” (my words) so if you declare a Key and hit the play button (accidently) you get this background synth tone for the duration of the song.

So from once being old skool, this old boy is embracing technology :rofl:

yes :laughing:

You can edit UG chords but not your own?
I will have a look

Yeah I’m glad I don’t have all the papers flying around now it’s much easier with them on a small 7" tablet and a heck of a lot easier when you are putting together setlists for gigs or practice. I need to look at Songbook Pro just to see what else it would give me. I’m pretty invested in Setlist Helper but it’s not really been developed further for years and I still use a third party tool to convert and reformat UG tabs for it.

Mind you I know plenty of old skool who turn up an OM’s with their folder/binder and happily flick through the book to select their songs.


If you create tabs or chord sheets in chord pro format, (any music program will do that ) you can edit the file. If you scan a page out of a book you can’t edit it because it’s not an editable file.

Welcome, @drNine !

I plead guilty for having a plastic binder too. Every song in its own protective cover. Some things need to stay analogue!


Does anybody know this app?

I’ve used it for about 5 years. Works great.


I want to buy a few songsheets on sheetmusicdirect, but it is a PDF file and the words are pretty small. Is there a software to make them bigger?

How does it compare to Songbook Pro. There are just too many options…

I´ve tried a couple of things in the last weeks and months. Unfortunately what I´m missing in every app i tried is a feature to display tabs. Most songs I like to play not just consist of simple chords progressions and strumming but some solos too. Any advice on an app that is a cacable of showing tabs as well?

I referenced Songbook Pro earlier in this topic. In answer to your question on showing tab, here is an extract from my song lists in that application.

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I use Songbook LinkeSOFT SongBook Songs and Chords which shows tab but you can also create tabs and edit them. There is another app called Songbook Pro, (they have different developers) that also dies the same. Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner uses this one he can tell you more about it.

Must have been typing when Toby answered you question

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Thanks for your super fast replies. I had a look at the documentation of songbook pro and couldn´t find a hint on how to add the tabs.


By way of explanation re Songbook Pro.

You can import directly from
Create, write and edit you own tab.
Has adjustable auto scroll.
Built in metronome - audible and visual
Create Song Sets