Recommendations on learning lead guitar

Does anyone have a recommendation on either modules from Justin Guitar or other sites that can help me learn lead guitar? I am fairly competent at playing rhythm but really need to develop competency in lead guitar.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s an entire module on lead techniques in the intermediate grades of Justin’s course. Look it up!

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Justin mostly use Blues to teach lead guitar techniques.

In Grade 4, the 3 modules : major scale maestro, essential blues lead guitar and blues licks.
In Grade 5, major scale maestro 2 and transcribing blues solo.
In Grade 6, blues lead 2 and 3.

Also, the new blues immersion course which will start on June 4.

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I would also check out Grades 1 2 & 3. There are lessons on riffs, scales and picking. All fundamental elements of lead play and you will able to assess your core skills against Justin’s grading system. Your entry post suggest you are new to Justin (you ask about other sites as well) so you may not be familiar or have covered all the material in the early grades. If you have so be it but worth checking to establish your current level.

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Thank you. I’ll take a closer look.
Most appreciated.