Recording a video with my electric with a backing track

Ignore above. I needed to plug my headphones into my laptop and the sound for the backing wasn’t coming out of the laptop speakers.

So the next question is… please could someone tell me how I can increase the volume of my guitar? It’s quieter than the backing track and I’d like to get it to around the same level.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

If you have the backing track and guitar input on separate tracks, OBS has a mixer.



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Thanks Keith, I’ve tried adjusting the volume in there but when I play it back the backing is still drowning out my guitar? Here is a screenshot of how I have it as the moment.

The Reaper level looks high. Is the backing track in Reaper?



No, as far as I know my guitar is going through Reaper. I was just playing my backing track through VLC media player. I’m guessing now that I’m doing something wrong?

So I’ve just had a look and the Reaper plugin in OBS is picking up audio from my laptop.

Which leads me to the question, if in OBS I have my Katana setting and my amp in plugged in to my laptop via USB, do I need to even use Reaper? Does OBS just pick up the tones I use on the amp because I’m going via USB?