Recording Processes of the Part that Comes After the Overdubbing on a Loop Pedal

Hi people, I just bought a Lekato Loop Pedal (which has 9 onboard memory slots). I wanted to know how you people record the playing part of your record after done with your overdubbing section. I mean at first, you record your instrument and overdub. Then you stop overdubbing and start playing solos or whatever the part comes after overdubbing, right?

My question is, how do you guys record that after part digitally through the loop? Can you even do that?
Because if I want to record that after part inside the memory of my Lekato loop, but it gets overdubbed over and over instead of recording plain.

I don’t want to record the “after overdubbing” part on software or so for the video. Because I don’t have any Audio Interface. So I just want to take benefit of the memory slot inside the loop pedal itself.