Recording using a Spark 40 amp

I’ve read some of the other recording threads on here but I’m still a bit lost.

Basically I’m looking to record me playing guitar over a backing track using my Spark 40 amp. I can record my guitar by connecting the amp to my laptop but while it’s connected I can’t play (or record) a backing track through the amp.

Can someone explain in very simple terms how I would go about this?


The easiest approach to recording via USB is to use a DAW like Reaper, Ardour, Garage band, etc.

With a DAW you can put the backing track in one track and play it back using the Spark as a USB output, whilst playing along and capturing on another track.

This is a common approach for all USB recording devices.

The down side is you need to use a DAW of some kind, and most of them (most of the decent ones) have a bit of a learning curve.

Other approaches, like just recording yourself with a smartphone, are far easier, but won’t be as good quality. It depends on what you are trying to achieve.



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I have Studio One 6 which I think came with the Spark (can’t think where else I would’ve got it from). So if I upload a backing track to it (somehow) I can play it through the amp, using the USB cable that is also used to record the guitar from the amp?

Yes. The USB cable should provide two-way audio between the Spark and the PC.



Okay, I’ll give that a go. Cheers

Okay, so after some random button pressing etc on the DAW and managing to somehow overcome the fact there was no volume playing through either my laptop or my amp I managed to get the backing track playing. Then after attempting the recording and seeing the guitar signal was incredibly low and I was unable to hear it when playing it back I had a couple of beers, which always helps, done some more button pressing and now somehow I’ve got it all working.

Cheers for the info.