Recording yourself while playing

A feature that would be really helpful is one that allows you to record yourself (both video and audio) while playing along songs in the app.

Recording yourself is an amazing learning tool, but currently the app does not allow split screen so it’s not possible to record yourself with a camera app while you’re playing along.

Integrating this functionality in the app would be huge to track your progress and spot your flaws.


Hello Gertjan, that’s an interesting idea. So far, I always used my phone for the app and the pad for recording. Needing just one tool would make things easier :grinning:.

And by the way, a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.

That would be great
I really want to film myself whilst playing along to the app but find it difficult

If you only have one device there is a way to record while using the app. If you have GarageBand you can record and leave it recording in the background so you can open up apps and play along while recording, but it’s only audio.