Redemption Song

Hi community,

This is Redemption Song by Bob Marley as taught by Justin in his lesson.
Your constructive criticism is welcome :wink:


Hello Ivan, what a nice rendition of this powerful song. I really like your steady strumming, and your chord changes were super fluent. Kudos as well on the picked intro and outro :+1::clap:.
The only minor thing, I’d like to mention: I had the impression, that you’re holding back your voice a bit. That you wanted to sing with more power in parts, but finally didn’t. In my opinion, it would have added positively to your performance, if you’d allowed your voice to play a bigger part. You have a good voice, no need to hide it :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, and I hope to hear more from you :smiley:.

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Thank you for your feedback, Nicole.
I think I am afraid that if I sing more emotionally, I will get out of tune. But I am slowly getting better with this.


I totally understand this. It’s not much different with myself. But the more I sing, the more confident I become. It’s a journey - the playing as well as the singing :slightly_smiling_face:.

But you have now inspired me to have a closer look at this song. So, I’ve put it on my ‘want-to-learn-list’ :smiley:. Thanks for reminding me of this great song :hugs:.

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Hi Ivan, I agree with Nicole, that’s a nice sounding voice I think there is more hiding in there so don’t be afraid to let it out :+1:

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Well done, that was my first song I posted here on the old Community! It’s a great song, nice to play and not too difficult - maybe the strumming pattern isn’t that easy until you’ve got it down but worth the effort!

Sounding good, Ivan, an enjoyable rendition of a classic. Nothing to say other than keep on keeping on.

Nice rendition of a classic. Good your were able to pick out the intro and end.

Well done Ivan and your playing is very good and smooth. I agree with the others in saying don’t be afraid to sing and add emotion as this will really capture your audience. I think you have a very nice voice which will only get better the more you use it, and remember that the voice is also an instrument.

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Well done Ivan. Great song, I enjoined it.

Sounds great!

Well done Ivan. Some good clean chords there and you played and strummed confidently.
What I felt was lacking was the reggae beat/rhythm. Have you looked at Justin’s lesson on this song? He gives a suggested strum pattern which I think would help you.
When you play a chord for a whole bar, the suggested pattern is down, up, up, down, up, down, up, up, down up. If two chords are in a bar, you simply strum down twice on each.

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Thank you. Yes, I learned from the Justin’s video but it seems that I accidentally switched from the pattern Justin suggested to the Old Faithful at some moment and don’t notice. Slipping the second down strum really makes it better.

Nice one Ivan. Good chilled out cover.