Reggae tone for Boss Katana II

I’m composing a pop-reggae song and wondered if anyone knows the whereabouts of a reggae rhythm guitar tone that I might be able to download to a Boss Katana 50 MKII. I’m playing through the amp’s built in ‘full clean’ tone now but it doesn’t sound quite right, although that is no doubt 99% due to my extremely dodgy technique.

Thank you!


You should be looking for a bright cutting tone that is heard above the Bass and drums and maybe Sax and Trumpet.
On your Katana turn the drive low, no more than 5, this will keep the clarity and avoid muddiness.
Treble set to around 5 or above, this is to contrast that bass and cut through the mids
Bass should be kept low or at zero to avoid muddiness, the bass is provided by the Bass player.
Wahwah is used at times both to alter the tone and to introduce the classic Wahwah effect; also it’s important to use a Compressor to even out your dynamics and avoid you concentrating more on your dynamics than the rhythm.


Wow, that is so much better Darrell - thank you! Unfortunately as I suspected my questionable technique is 90% of the problem so I’m going to put your excellent advice to use covering one or two reggae standards for a couple of weeks & see where that takes me. Thanks again. John.

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I dont know the katana but I suspect you want bridge pickup, low bass, mid mids and boosted treble , with a fair bit of short time reverb

A lot of the sound is from your hands though, those fast strickes and muted chords etc

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Thanks Rob, very helpful. As you say - and as I’ve discovered - technique is most of the battle. I thought it would be simple, but no …