Register to Clubs not working?

Hello. I try to register to a Club and when I hit the Register button and accept the conditions, I get an Ooops web page. Later I see “You am attanding” mark on the Clubs page but I didn’t got an email which I normally get when registering to a Club.
Also when I try to Cancel my registration, I also get and Oooops web page…

I tried through Android phone and also on Windows laptop. Same problem. Does anyone else have that problem?

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I had the same (MacOS / Chrome)

I had the same as well. Windows 10 using Opera browser.

Thanks for reporting this! I’m notifying the team right away and we will see what’s going on.



Fanny fwiw I think it is taking the registrations or looks that way when you go back to the Clubs section but throws an error once you sign up. But … don’t think I have had the follow up emails yet.

Hope that helps.


I got the oops error too but paged back a couple of times anf tried again and all good.

In my case, the registration seems to work fine at first glance, at least on the UI. However, there is no email notification (I checked my profile email, spam folder, and notification preferences).

I missed one Zoom class last month because I didn’t know the Zoom meeting passcode. If I am not mistaken, it should be in the email. I registered for a new class next week a few hours ago, but again, there is no email notification.

Could you please check if the functionality works?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi there :wave: thanks for reporting this. Which live class are you referring to?

Hi @FannyJustinGuitar. Thanks for your reply.

The previous one was “Learn Little Talks by Of Monster and Men” on May 21.
And the next one is “Learn How To Play Shotgun” on June 6.

Right now, for the “Learn How To Play Shotgun”, I see the message “YOU ARE ATTENDING” in the event list and I can cancel it.

Once I registered I got a popup message "You will receive an email containing all the necessary information … "

But, as I said earlier, there is no email message after registration. I checked Spam and other folders and I waited for a few days and checked again. I use Gmail if it matters.

I think I found the passcode in a different thread on the forum here, which is “123” and will try to use it on the June 6 club.

@FannyJustinGuitar, maybe it’ll be useful during an investigation: I’ve got an email notification, that you replied here, so the email in my profile is correct. Most likely it’s something related specifically to club notifications.

I wanted to give latest feedback, since I was the original OP of this topic.
I just registered to a Club and few minutes later I recieved an email. So in my case everything seemed to be working fine for me.

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