Regulars- Where's my 'Private Lounge'?

I’m sure others have also received notification of being promoted from basic to regular :smiley:
One of the privileges granted is access to a ‘private lounge area’.
Is that for personal use?
What can I do there?
Will I still have to observe Community etiquette, decency and wear clothes?
… or is this like the first rule of Fight Club? :wink:


… and now I feel so left out.

No whiskey and cigars for me (yet) :slight_smile:

Woah I did get a regular but wasn’t aware of a lounge!

Haha, I presume it’s a time-thing that kicks in after a month, so the 13 guinea pigs get to pee on the furniture first :laughing:
I can’t imagine what the point would be, as the megalo-maniac in me demands I share with the world. Wouldn’t worry too much- neither Ade nor I drink nor smoke :roll_eyes:


Good question,

I have no definitive answer for you right now and I think it is more or a “default Discourse model” thing than a “justinguitar” thing. I’m not a fan of seperate sub-communities of any sort so I’ll have to sort this out.

I put this question in the #new-community-issues-and-questions section and labeled it “to review”.

I’ll be up to speed again by the beginning of next week, reviewing items like this.

I just saw the badge flag and did not bother opening the box. It was “ah new badge, whatever”
Why would you want TL3 club members only bar anyway, smacks of elitism. Very odd. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Will we need to take a lateral flow test before we are let in?


Yeah I got the notification too, looks like it’s not hard to get if you lurk around daily. Definitely no need for a private area. Maybe if there was a larger mod team it could be used to discuss behind the scenes stuff but other than that there’s no point in my opinion.

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Unless the food and drink are free, the only restriction being that of age (length of time) and there is a no smoking section, I would not be interested. Besides, discussions held in ‘private’ often create suspicion in those not invited.
It can’t be too elite if I can come in! :grin:

As Groucho Marx said, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”

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Brian I thought you already lived in your own private lounge :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Has anyone found the door yet ?
Alice n Door

I have only visited 22 days, so not regular yet. Does that mean no cocktail while I post? Broken that rule already…

After a quick look around t’inter web, it would appear that these spaces are set up by the Admins when the Discourse environment set up. So I guess that’s not been done but as I said before, is it something you would want anyway, despite all the banter. I am sure @LievenDV has a better understanding of how it works but for now it would appear to be a tease for the current small group of TL3s. :sunglasses: