Related links in songs exercise items are broken


The title summarizes it pretty well :sweat_smile:. If you add a song practice item from Justin’s songs page, the related link is broken.

The issue is that the url lacks for the domain. Instead of “”, the link has “/songs/the-song-lesson-url”.

It is happening to me with all song exercise items I have registered.

In case I explained myself poorly :sweat_smile:, I attach a screenshot. I’m referring to the link that says “Related Link”

Thank you! :metal::guitar:

Hi there! Any news about this :sweat_smile:.

@Rumil the fastest way to get things fixed is to let the Mods know then they can put things in motion.
In the mean time here’s a working link

@Richard_close2u @DavidP @LievenDV @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team


Hey there! So sorry for the delay - thanks for making us aware of this. I’ll open a ticket right away and let my team know of this dashboard issue! Hopefully, we can fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Hello Rick, Thank you, I thought we just had to post in the forum. But makes sense. I’ll remember for next time :slight_smile:

It’s not a big deal. Fortunately for me, I know how to work around it (I’m a web developer :sweat_smile:). But other students might not know.

Thank you for the great job! :+1:

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Hey everyone! We should have fixed this issue no. Please let us know if any feedback, and thank you for raising this issue, @Rumil!


Hi Laryne!!

I just checked the songs I have on my practice routine and the links work :partying_face:.

Thank you!