Relax, and Feel Good!

Relaxing when strumming is easy to say but tricky to do. However, this exercise will help you achieve a relaxed rhythm. :slight_smile: The full lesson is here.

One of the main problems I am having doing the longer strumming sessions is that the pick turns so that the side of the pick is strumming not the point. Am I holding it to lightly when I relax?

Tony, I have no guidance to offer, but I have the same problem!

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In my experience your pick moving is, to some extent inevitable. You’ll find that as you gain more experience you’re able to make slight adjustment with your fingers between strums to get back on track. At first, you’re so focused on the strumming and the pattern that you can’t make those adjustments but eventually those parts will be second nature.


Hi Tony And @judi
Maybe this helps,

There is another lesson, tap in the search bar …manipulation …and you will find it, have fun

Although this is now posted in a topic in a course where I expect this problem to be addressed automatically if you just follow this course :sunglasses:


@roger_holland thank you, I have favourited that lesson to watch later today. Talking to my guitar playing friend, he puts dimples in the pick to give some grip. I have tried that was well. I have done this by gently pushing a small round head screw driver into the pick 3 times from each side. This gives dimples on both sides. It has helped but not solved it completely. Hopefully that lesson will also give me some tips as well.

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@alexisduprey thank you, I will keep practicing that.

These are the grippiest picks I have found. They helped me a lot with the ‘wandering pick’ problem.

JD max grip


@jacksprat Thank you for that, they look great.

Thank you @roger_holland. Funny enough, I’ve been keeping that lesson in my mind as I struggle. Your providing the link encouraged me to go back and review it. As usual, I had forgotten a lot! Thanks for the reminder.

I think the other lesson you recommend is in the new Strumming Dynamics course. I’m half-way through Strumming Foundations…look forward to moving on and seeing that new lesson!

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I put double sided tape on the pick to my index finger. Sounds stupid but works - my pick never falls or rotates.

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@Giblets Hi Loren, that’s different. Does that leave your finger very sticky afterwards?