Release Music on Spotify

Hi folks!

Today I was thinking about releasing some recordings of mine to Spotify. Just to have a goal to work towards to and because it would be kind of a cool and creative thing to do! :crazy_face:
Of course, my intention is not to get rich (because nobody will listen to it :laughing:) it is only for personal pleasure.

In general I play Jazz fingerstile Arrangements. I understand that these jazz pieces are have been copied, arranged and interpreted millions of times by thousands of people, so I imagine, that this would not be a licensing problem?

My question is regarding the arrangements; of course I did not arrange that stuff, I only found the tabs online and “interpreted them”. If I would publish that - would that infringe copyright?


Even standards are protected by copyright laws, so when you see a cover of My Favorite Things or something like that, especially on bigger labels, you can be sure that clearance was obtained. You should be extra vigilant if there’s any chance of your interpretation generating any revenue. I’d suggest you to consult someone more knowledgeable about copyright laws also because they may vary from country to country.

Guess that there is no way around that :nerd_face: