REM - Losing My Religion AVOYP

Hey all :wave:

Here is where I’m with REM - Losing My Religion.

Any suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.


Think you did a superb performance with this one Serhat. Loved how you strummed it. Liked your hammer ons and how you picked strings.
Maybe you where speeding a little bit on some parts on it…
Vocal was good. It is an extremly difficult song to sing. Maybe its easier to sing it if you try to capo it up a half step?
But it was a fine performance Serhat!! Well done :clap:

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Congratulations, Serhat. That was a really nice rendition of this song :+1::clap::smiley:.
Finally, you could show it to the community :slightly_smiling_face:. Must have been quite a lot of practice time to get this song to that level. Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Way to go Serhat! I’ve been waiting for your version of this :laughing:
That song has been the bain of my life for quite a while now :roll_eyes:
I thought I had drawn a line under it for the time being, but was so unsatisfied with it, I keep coming back…
You’ve got all the ‘heavy lifting’ bits under control now and only ‘refining’ required.
Justin himself says he had trouble playing and singing this simultaneously and I can see why.
You keep your hand moving steadily and have only occasional minor timing issues. Your singing is in pitch and phrasing is good. You have kept in all the ‘complicated bits’ (bass runs, F chord with lifting finger etc). Kudos.
I struggled singing to his his strumming pattern. Did you try it as well or just take up his suggestion to make your own? In any case, well done.
I’m not sure why you left out the bridge/repeat 2nd verse? I think that adds to the song, especially if you introduce single downstrums for ‘that was just a dream…’
If I get my act together I might see if I can have another bash at recording this. Thanks again.

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Nice job Serhat! Is this what we missed out on at the OM? Thanks for posting it!

Strumming feel and rhythm of the song was great. This is one I want to learn but haven’t tried it yet, it looks tricky. I do think some parts you sped up - the intro was a bit too quick perhaps? I went to listen to the original on Spotify and the intro is longer. Regardless, just some refining. Great share, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks @brianlarsen!

You are no stranger to nooks and crannies of this one. As the vocal lines are so peculiarly (but brilliantly!) placed, I’m still struggling with them and there’s way to go.

I came up with my own strumming pattern. There’s a lot more going on in the original and I’m hoping to add them slowly over time.

You saying I was on pitch makes me incredibly happy. I’m one of those kids who grew up hearing “I do not have musical ear” from my closest friends & family and only recently started shaking off that belief and finding that it could actually be improved. Miles to go but I’m practising every day.

I left out the bridge because playing and singing that line is too darn hard! I can do one or the other, but not both. Maybe I’ll be able to in a future take.

Thank you so much for the detailed write up and feedback!

Thanks @jkahn! This was the plan indeed. Posted that ahead of the next OM so I do not get lazy and fall back to it and learn something new :slight_smile:

Thanks for the timing feedback. I’ll start practising this one with a metronome then which I admittedly was not.

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Thanks @NicoleKKB! Countless hours indeed. And countless hours to go about this one yet! But it is a lot of fun.

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Great stuff :+1: excellent guitar work and thought you did really well with the vocals, it looks like a tough song to sing with all the intricacies of the strumming :v:

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Great job, Serhat! Instantly recognizable and yet your own. :clap: :clap:

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Excellent playing and singing on this one Serhat. Looks like quite a difficult one to do and you made it look really easy.

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