Reminds me of

3 songs with similar vocal intro, each over a quarter of a century apart.
I was listening to JKs cover of Jet’s - Cold Hard B***h (2004) and when the vocals kicked in, they reminded me not only of Eddie Cochran’s - Summertime Blues from 1958, but also of Pere Ubu’s – Final Solution from 1976 :open_mouth:
I don’t recall anyone ever sharing any Pere Ubu songs, let alone covers since I’ve been on the forum, but although they didn’t have huge commercial success, they were quite influential back in the day.
I listened to some of their stuff as a teenager in Switzerland and remember seeing them at a gig in Dublin in the summer of '89. I remember because it was a Midnight at the Olympia gig and I had my Ear, Nose and Throat final medical exams the next morning :grimacing:
My ears were still ringing… :rofl:

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Is there a cover coming soon then Brian?

Oh, the irony. :smiley: