Replacing speaker surround foam

I saw a pair of JBL 4408A studio monitors that were available for a “make an offer” price. I pulled the grills off and found that both drivers had lost most of their foam surrounds on the drivers. I was able to get them for $20 after finding that they are some pretty nice units when working. I also learned that new surrounds are available and apparently people do replace these.

Now I have pulled the drivers out of the cabinets and was immediately impressed with the build quality of the cabinets and drivers. As I have said, there isn’t much of the foam surround left but I was able to removed the rubber gasket and get the baskets partially cleaned. Then I recognized that the original foam surrounds are glued to the back side of the cones where all of the replacement videos show foam glued to the front.

I am hoping for some advice from someone who has replaced their speaker surrounds but aren’t in the business of selling replacement kits.

Outside the woofer surround issues, these cabinets appear to have gotten wet. The material has swelled some on the outside but the internal joints are still solid. If I can get the drivers fixed, these will likely be mounting in a wall and never seen.