Reply to Topic vs Reply to Post

Not a specific issue, just something I’ve become aware of that is different to how the Forum works.

The big orange Reply button adds just a new post at the end of the Topic.

But you can also use the little grey Reply button in any post within the Topic thread. This adds a new post at the end of the Topic and also links it as a reply to the specific Post in the thread.

Somebody picking up and reading the Topic from start to finish can then click the Replies button, and see all specific replies to a specific Post.

I think that could also be a little confusing in that when reading a topic you will see the same post twice.

Sounds very similar to how facebook works, where a reply has its own reply and not always visible, if I understand what you are saying. I need to test that to see how it presents.

Testing Testing 123 1212 Grey reply

Confused, how is that different ?

I’ll join the testing …

I think it works similar to YT comments, other than that I think the nested reply is duplicated as a reply in its own right

Grey Reply - Got to make the missus a brew. Back soon !

Looks like this …

And at the bottom of the thread, one sees the reply again …

PS Super easy to add screenshots when accessing on a PC/Laptop. I used the Windows Snip & Sketch to grab the screen shot, copy in the tool, paste in the reply and Voila!

Yup, the grey Reply in a post rather than the orange Reply button.

Ok could not actually see the replies were indented, while in the post and replying. But going back in from the category “index”, yes I see all the “grey” replies were closed and would open indented. And yes see now that the replies appear twice - in the indented reply and the main body of the post. So I agree this could be a little confusing, not sure what the 2nd level reply, for want of a better label, brings to the table ?

I’d say it allows for multiple conversational threads on the same topic, which can at times be useful. I can see value in that, though maybe given the nature of the Community perhaps not of great value?

No, actually now I think about it. Say we add the Guitar Challenges idea again with a Topic say for each BT, then it would be cool to be able to reply to the topic to add a response and to reply to that post when you want to comment on a response to a challenge. As it is in the Forum, one has to trawl through all the posts to find the specific posts that have a response to the challenge.

That aside, once one has that capability, what doesn’t make sense for me is to duplicate the reply, to make it a reply to the topic as well as a reply to a post.

@LievenDV is there perhaps some configuration that controls what happens when you use the reply to a post, rather than a reply to a topic

Replying to a reply. How does it look?

still replying to a reply. what now?

Correct me if I’m wrong but as I experience it, every reply ends up in the bottom, makign one straight sequence of post BUT replies to a post give you the option to recall the post that was replied upon.
This is no “Facebook like” conversation in conversation" but a reference that keps you from scrolling all the way to the top?

Not sure what you mean by “recall”. What I note is that if you scroll back in the Topic then you will see some posts that indicate a number of replies and you can then expand and read all the replies at that point.

If you scroll back in this Topic you will see some posts with replies and be able to see what I mean.

Thus giving the appearance of what you call “conversation in conversation” but with the replies also appearing in the main body of the post at the “top” level so to speak.

I’m glad you raised this - I was going to test it all myself but you fellas are already on it.

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