Replying on iphone

I am having some issues with replying to posts on the iPhone.

It doesn’t scroll, so what I write stays behind the keypad and I can’t see or edit it. I can’t scroll it up myself either, it snaps back down. If I start with a quote or write a long response this is a problem.

Any suggestions? As I write this last bit without being able to see it…


Are you accessing via browser or via the Community App ? I can’t help as I have an android phone and the issues not been raised before. If you can confirm how you are accessing the Community, it may help @LievenDV identify the problem or at least mark it to be followed.



You sure you’re on mobile view and not desktop? Click hamburger icon top right and try changing to mobile

I am in mobile view.

I don’t know what the community app is. I am on the website for Justin Guitar as far as I can tell, so I assume browser?

Ok, I am testing this again from the community link in the bottom of the website.

It seems to function fine this way. I will try to figure out what I was doing and reproduce the problem.

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Now I am in something different. Maybe the app?

I can’t see why I am writing now, because it is behind the keyboard and won’t scroll up.

There is also some weird text going vertically down the side of the screen in a single line on the right. It looks like it is the quoted text, but that is also at the top of this reply. Weird.

I have not been drinking…honest.

How did the blind typing go for me?


Typing ok but sounds like you could be in app and have desktop view. Hit the hamburger, 3 horizontal lines next to avatar (sorry about egg sucking!). If you are in mobile view it should show Desktop View bottom left. If it say Mobile View you are in the Desktop format. Hit Mobile View and see if that resolves.

Thanks. Solved. Of course it was my own brain spasm. I saw “mobile view” and got it in my head that I was IN “mobile view” rather than need to tap it to get into it. Not like computers haven’t been around for a while…D’oh!
I should have thought a little harder before starting a whole thread. Thanks for the help!

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