Request for a piano instructor

Hello community,
Firstly i would like to apologize for bringing a topic related to a different instrument.
I had to take this chance after rigorous research for a piano teacher.

I started learning piano when i was 11 and now I’m 20, i still haven’t got a tutor like i wished.

This was the biggest reason i switched to guitar because of Justin.

I’m a Computer Science student in india but my dream is to play the likes of Constantino carrara (on youtube).

If any one of you genuinely know about any instructor that can help me enhance my level where I’m stuck since forever, please do reply.

I’m currently learning through the website Pianote.

I would like to apologize again for starting a topic unrelated to guitar

I doubt you’ll find an answer here to be honest. I do seem to recall a website that list music teachers but I do not reall the site name sorry. It’s a little difficult to search for help on such a subject when you haven’t listed where you are on the planet lol.

What level of piano playing are you at now, just out of interest. For what its’s worth there are a mirriad of books at different skill levels for Piano out there. Learning yourself is not impossible but a little slow. Thats not a bad thing either. I strarted with all the very basic books for beginners and offical ABRSM grade 1 books I could find, both current and past years. I ended upplaying some of my brothers grade 5 pieces.

I also learnt to transcribe piano pieces by Enya as she has quite a few simple piano pieces.

It takes time to learn any instrument and Piano is know for it’s difficulty because you play both mellody and accompany at the same time.

R.Sorry it’s not so helpful !

I mentioned i live in india.
Could you elaborate the books you’re referring to?

This kind of search is very easy and very abundent on the web.


PS, The ABRSM link is for India, there are free downloads to look at available for every grade. Cant help with teachers , sorry.!

Thank you so much for sharing this.