[Request for feedback] Another morning dawning - original acoustic song

Hi all,

I am posting two songs of mine below, let me know what you think if you have a listen.

Another morning dawning

Why, oh why, oh why…

I don’t know what to think of these videos. Over a thousand views and no likes. 300+ subbys. You are either doing something really right or something really wrong.

Alexandros, both sounded good, lots of good technique on display. Well played and composed.

I suggest have a look at your index finger. At times it flies up and away from your other fingers. I think a good idea to work on taming that movement, keep it in closer.

It’s been a little while since you last posted and in the spirit of our community you will probably receive more response to your sharing if you are yourself a little more active and engaging with others sharing recordings.

That is some very impressive playing Alex on both songs but I loved, Another morning dawning.

Impressive playing!