Resin buildup on Les Paul after sweaty gig

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Not posted for a very long time on this forum… but still in an ongoing guitar journey … Lot’s of gig’s nowaday’s… last two weekends fully booked…

Now the question/concern:
Yesterday we played a gig in the boiling sun, gear in the sun, guitars and amps exposed to temperatures … I don’t know (official temp was 32 degrees Celsius)… When reaching the high frets, it almost hurt my fingers (heat). When the gig was over and I started packing I noticed my guitar had built up a little coating of … resin… Like the stuff from candles… there were several hardened drops visible, and when I started with a quick guitar cleanse before putting it away last night I just looked and felt like candle-wax? It formed especialy where the pickguard is (on normal guitars). My Gibson LP HP2 doesn’t have a pickguard.

I never experienced this before, and am a bit curious (and concerned) to other experiences when playing on a hot summer day? How does this form, is it sweat? Is it guitar-polish or Lemon-Oil getting mixed with sweat?

I use Dunlop 65 lemon oil and guitar polish? Gave the guitar a big maintenance 3 weeks ago (new strings, lemon oil, polish, set up, …) before the gig-streak…


Any experience would be welcome.

de_conne (from Belgium)

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I just used the Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish to clean the guitar and on the back of the box it said “removes WAX buid-up…” among other things.

So I suppose it really was WAX? How? From sweating?


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thinking it is residue and dirt from coated strings.
My best guess.