Restore the Tom Petty Songs

Most of his library was removed last year, except for one, American Girl. Looks like that one finally got nuked. Such a huge disappointment. I transposed it to my songbook some time ago because I knew this day would come, but sucks i cant play in the app any longer.
Tom Petty should be in here!


Why was it removed, some sort of licensing issue?

Yes. Justin doesnt really control that, the licence holders can just withdraw permission an they have done (usually because of another similar platform…)

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Understood, and I figured so. It’s too bad. One way to keep a band/person’s music alive is to be loose on licensing and such. Being tight causes a slow fade. I know TP and the HB’s are in no danger of going away, but hopefully those in charge are not getting too greedy. I may go look for a good source of sheet music that’s appropriate for me.

I have had enough. Too many times songs I like and am working on get removed. Just cancelled my app subscription. I have been migrating to UG anyhow.

Yep its sad, down to Musopia rather than JG

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bye bye


See this announcement:

That is a shame.
For every song removed dozens more get added and there are now many hundreds of songs.

It is not down to Musopia or JG.

It is entirely the decision of music publishers and copyright holders and 100% out of the control of Musopia or Justin.


Which I already said.

But its still up to musopia to negotiate song licences.

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As far as I can tell, they haven’t added any new songs since November.

They made it look like the Christmas songs were all new, but most of them were already on my favorites list. I think a couple of them may have received vocals, but the vast majority were already on there.

I now have all 647 songs (an impressive number) that are in my favorites list on a spreadsheet, so I’ll be able to keep track of them better now.

My biggest loss over the holidays was Creep from Stone Temple Pilots, there’s so few 90s rock/metal/grunge bands on the app, it really hurt…
I think there were only four other ones that disappeared from my list, which isn’t nearly as bad as the 2023 cull.

It would be nice if there was more transparency for when songs were added and removed though.

It’s disappointing that with all that Justin does for the community that people seem to default to the explanation of foul play. You really don’t need to spend a lot of time online to know that there’s a lot of greedy licence holders out there who don’t see beyond immediate gain. By that I mean if I can learn a song in the songs app then I might check out other songs in the artist’s catalog.
Rather than giving Justin or Musopia a load of flak, why not use social media to message the artists to tell them you’re annoyed that you can no longer learn their songs?


I know it’s all licensing and cost for songs and dev of the app.

There has to be tiers for the different artists licenses. I’d pay more for better songs and ones that relate to specifically to me. I do have other songs that I like and play, but my favorite artist is now gone.

Maybe it will help me ‘un-tether’ from the app, look at my extracted tab song book, and truly learn the song which is one of the things I have to work on. I’m too reliant on the app to play a song from beginning to end, lol .

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