Restringing an acoustic guitar

Hi Justin and the team. I just wanted to thank you for the u-tube video on restringing an acoustic guitar. I’ve used the video twice now for different guitars and it’s brilliant. The only issue I had was that not all of the pegs would come out so I ended up with a small flat plate and applied gentle pressure beneath the pegs from inside the guitar. Worked perfectly.
Great u-tube.


Hi Angie @ArizonaAngie

I restrung my guitars at the weekend and tried out the following which I think @RadekSiechowicz recommended in the forum and it worked really well for me.

BigRock Innovations Snapz 2.0 Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pin Puller for 6 and 12 String Guitars



You can pick up a cheap peg winder like these, which have a little notch for extracting the pins. Added bonus is it speeds up the process of tensioning the strings. :sunglasses:


Yep. I have a cheap one like that just for pulling the pins, and a really good one for actually speed-winding or unwinding the strings. The good one doesn’t have the notch.

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Then how could it possibly be the ‘good one’!! :rofl:

I figured someone would say that. Because it holds the tuner knob more securely (doesn’t rattle around like the cheap one,) has a larger grip, and spins more smoothly. This is the one I consider good: