Retrospective - God Save The Queen!

Catchy topic title for a post covering our latest gig with another hours set played at a local village event for the Queens jubilee. To be honest given the number of events in the area and the demand for live acts we could have played Friday through to Sunday without a problem, as people were still looking for acts up to the day of events! Not sure our families would have been impressed though.

This was much more pressure as there were many more people and the event was only focussed on the music acts so more people actually listening. Plenty of unforced errors although none which were easily picked up by the audience.

Weather was a factor on this one as well… going from bright sunshine to rain and back ( no doubt influenced by us performing Why Does It Always Rain On Me). At one point continuing to play as monitors, mfx and everything else was shuffled further under the tent…

We actually got a few people singing and dancing on this one and a call for another song at the end which was nice.

As a follow on from this one we’ve been asked already to play at another event at the end of Aug ( and we already have another slot at a local town festival in Sept) so things are nicely building which is both good but a challenge juggling our availability.

Now we have a little gap to juggle the songs we’ve got and start alternating two 45 minute sets at practice….plus one or two new ones ( I have my eye on one for the OM).

Anyway enough chatter and on to the highlights video. NOT the greatest ( my daughter was in charge of the camera!) but it’s something and gives you a feel for the event.

Nothing new in terms of songs ( same setlist as our last one).


Fantastic Jason, great variety.

A contrast to the market/river gig, here you have an engaged crowd - proper buzz :grinning:

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Thanks Jason for sharing some of your live gigs. They really are such a treat.

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That was an interesting version of ‘Fortunate Son’. Great song selection of songs, I wish I could have been there. Lots of those great songs from a great era. ‘Bad Moon Rising’! ‘Born to be Wild’, we do that one too! You made them all sound really great as a 3-piece. Solid bassist, great groove and his tone sounds like a cushion for everything you guys are doing.

Seven Nation Army! Awesome.

I love your group! I’d pay money to see that anytime.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

I’d also be calling for an encore, Jason. You guys are just going from strength to strength, wonderful to see. Great selection of songs.

All your daughter needed to do was get up closer to the action, when it wasn’t raining.

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So good. Your singing really makes it btw, it’s really good. Can’t believe you did Zombie, that’s not an easy vocal!

Really cool first watching the videos of your band do open mics, and now you’re regular giggers.

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Congrats! It takes courage to sing Zombie, wow, not an easy one to sing, but well done! Have fun playing at the upcoming gigs!

@liaty Thanks for listening and definitely something different. Both equally enjoyable though.

@batwoman Glad you enjoyed Maggie

@Endureth Big thanks for taking the time to listen. Glad you enjoyed the “classics”

@DavidP Cheers and thanks for the comments on YouTube as well.

@jkahn @Helen0609 Thanks both for taking the time to listen. Bizarrely Zombie vocally comes easier to me than some of the others we play. Never Tear Us Apart, 7 Nation, Bad Moon are trickier in some ways.


Love this song, only seen a part of your video, due to time, is it on the video too?

@Helen0609 Yes part of it is on that video. The full version is also on our Tewksbury video here >> Tewksbury Big Weekend 2022 - Full Set - Retrospective - YouTube which is also chapter marked so you can jump straight to the song.

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That was great Jason. You guys are really good. I always enjoy watching your live gigs.

Just on a side note, from the title I was waiting for you guys to bust into the Sex Pistols. :smiley:

Ha Ha Stefan…thanks for listening…now that would be amusing.

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Another great selection for your showcase :sunglasses:
Man, you did go through all the weather on that one eh?
i’d stop and watch any performer.
I’d go to watch you guys :smiley:

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Hi Jason,
Nice such an overview video of a whole performance, very nice to watch and listen :sunglasses: :bouquet:

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Great stuff Jason. You guys are going from strength to strength. Yes your camera person needs to get closer to the action, but given the weather……:smiley:. The video still captures the atmosphere of the gig. Well done.

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Another fine one Jason, soon and you will be able to get some paid gigs which is awesome for a hobby! Set was as great as the one in Tewkesbury and enjoyed it again!

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Hi Jason,

The crowd has definitely swelled - good to see some Forest shirts there also. :slight_smile:
Solid set. Folk looked like they were getting into it.

And more festival dates to come. Did someone mention Glastonbury…


Ha ha thanks Digger that’s a “Never Gonna Happen” thing…. But little steps and hopefully we’ll get bigger things. Definitely come a decent way in 12 months.


Another great gig from the three of you. Certainly on the up and the offers seem to be confirming that for sure. Its been really good seeing how far you come, from our early days in the forum. Very proud of you sir ! Keep on rockin.



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Good to hear you are getting more and more gigs, shows the band is on the right track. Always enjoy reading about and hearing live performances.

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