Retrospective - New Open Mic - New Songs

Thanks Trevor for listening… we actually did play 5 songs that night I’ve just only done the new ones. It’s pretty variable how long you get at OMs depending on how many turn up…15 mins is a minimum and weve played for up to 45 mins before.

We have enough songs now for two 45 min sets which is the minimum we need to do pub gigs. … which were actively pursuing now

And for those just started learning then I only learnt how to play through Justin’s lessons.


I especially liked Assassin Jason. Your set list is a thing of wonder. You are flying and I’m sure your next goal of landing a pub gig will be a reality very soon.

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Thank you Maggie and glad you enjoyed the set! Just got back from practicing at the studio.

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Great set Jason, I enjoyed that, your band is sounding great. Good luck with getting pub gigs, I guess that’s the next rung on the ladder although I think I remember you saying you had some gigs over Christmas.
Well done and a testament to JustinGuitar (and of course your efforts).

Thanks Gordon… we should indeed have had another gig just before Christmas but unfortunately Covid stopped it. We do have one gig in June and another in September but they will be with other bands. We really want to see if we can carry a venue on our own.

That was a brilliant set Jason.

I really liked Assassin as well and I too got an INXS vibe from it.

All good stuff though.

and thank you Stefan of taking the time to listen. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing - I liked listening to them and am inspired by the success you’re having - good luck with your future plans on more performances!

I liked your original and look forward to more of them. From the practice sessions I like your cover of Sweet Dreams and like the sound with the Wah effect so interested to hear the live version of that at some point…! :grinning:

Thanks Al and glad you enjoyed. Sweet Dreams will almost certainly get an airing at the beginning of April with a couple of other new tracks. Gig wise we’ve now got three in the calendar…June, Sept and Oct so far. Hopefully will add some more shortly.

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