Reworked an old song - A Place Called Home

Wow - just listened to Digger and Katja’s new song, and now I’m almost embarrassed to post. Anyway, I liked this song when I first posted it, but didn’t like the performance, so here goes another try.


Caught it on YT before coming here, Jay. I liked it last time and like it again.

All I can say is resist the impulse to compare. You are producing consistently engaging original songs, your lyrics, arrangements, and singing is all pretty good. Of course we can all improve. But nothing to be embarrassed about, truly.

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Hey Jay,
I almost mentioned you on Digger’s thread as one of the singer-songwriters here who come across full of authenticity in the songs you share.
It’s a great gift you have, primarily to yourself but also to others, to be able to express your thoughts/feelings in song.
David is quite right, and I presume you know it anyway, but comparing yourself to others is a fool’s game.
For me the whole point of this music we do, is to do it as well as we can in as meaningful a way as possible.
When we pull it off it’s great.
You do it in spades :sunglasses:

Yes, I wasn’t serious about feeling embarrassed by Digger’s work. Just a bow to his accomplishment really.


Super stuff Jay. I remember your first version and I think you’ve added some lead guitar into the song this time. Sounded great. Well done.

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I too remember listening to an earlier version. This is some great stuff. Your story telling and musical ability is fantastic.

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Holy moly, definitely nothing to be embarrassed about! I’ll be very happy if I can ever create anything even half as good or original as this! Great work! :+1:

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