RHCP - Black Summer

Hi all,
So with the view to improving I thought I’d put myself out there and record this. Not sure what it is about pressing that red button that everything goes out of the window…anyway, in the spirit of learning and getting better…

some things I need to improve on:
-Strumming pattern at the start of the song is a bit off.
-I played the wrong chords a couple of times :confused:
-A few missed/sloppy notes on the lead parts.

Things that I was pleased with:
-Switching from the chorus to the OD during the verse/chorus, felt quite smooth.
-I’ve not practiced the first lead part much, and I was quite happy with the hammer on/pull offs (I need to practice pulloffs!)
-It sounds like the song?

I guess that ‘performing’ (even if it is just recording yourself) is a skill, so I’m hoping to put one of these up every now and then with the view to getting better.
Let me know if there is anything specific you think I should work on :slight_smile:
Thanks for watching!


Sounded pretty good Joe. Congrats on the first share. Beyond my play grade to offer any tips. I think the missed notes reduce with practice. Keep at it!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Joe. That was quite some performance for a first recording to share.

You looked relaxed, sounded good, and managed lots of tricky (IMO) things well. Lots to like and well into the polishing and practicing to get a consistent performance to the standard you are aiming for.

As for sounding like the song, the nuances of playing it like RHCP, and finer points of technique, that is beyond me as I don’t know the song at all and am not at a playgrade where I can help with the playing.

Oh, I can say that I think performing, be it for camera or people, is not so much a skill but a matter of experience. So the more you do it the more comfortable you become, the better able to manage the adrenalin of performing. But it never goes away as Justin confirmed on a Community Live Stream we did with him last year. So I hope every now and then will not be too far apart.

Look forward to more from you.

Sounds good Joe. It’s a big step to post a first recording so well done for that. It will serve you well.

Enjoyed listening thanks! :smile: Sounded good to me - agree with you that recording and getting more and more used to recording and sharing and performing helps improve. :smiley:

[quote=“DavidP, post:3, topic:81675”]
Oh, I can say that I think performing, be it for camera or people, is not so much a skill but a matter of experience. [/quote]
Very well put - I’m in awe of people who are able to do this kind of thing live, it’s really putting yourself out there!
But thank you for the kind words.

@jkahn - Thank you, Perhaps I’ll record and updated version after a few more weeks practice.

@batwoman Thanks - It seems like a good tool for tracking progress if nothing else.

@grayal Thank you, People have been very welcoming on this site - it’s very refreshing.

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That was great. And I agree about the red button. At one point I was recording myself with no plans to share, just to try and get over thinking about it being recorded.

Great cover :clap:. Sounds great. And I liked the attention you put to the dynamics.

And it happens to me as well that, as soon as I’m recording, my guitar habilities drop hard :sweat_smile:. That’s why, I committed to upload a video every month. Hope some day I could play relax in front of a camera/people

Hi Joe,
Nice relaxed rhythm guitar that looked good and sounded good too :sunglasses: … nice to hear such a first video … looking forward to more from you…

Hi Joe, well done. I see you enjoy playing the song. Keep working on those tone and chord changes and they will be flawless soon. Not too much RHCP in my daily intake of music, but I checked the original song and in my humble and not enough qualified opinion you looks to be going in the right direction. For sure recording yourself playing is a very important tool for self assessment. Share here again whenever you are in the mood.

great live performance!
for the first time, it’s just gorgeous (and this is definitely the first record? :wink:)
I really really liked it.
Keep on moving!

Great stuff Joe, now onto the lead bits and you got yourself a banger! :slight_smile: all the best

A very tasty Tuesday treat that was.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Joe, it was cracking.