Rhythm Guitar

Great topic! The videos and discussion make some excellent points about what playing rhythm guitar is about.

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Really good info in here. :slight_smile:


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Thank you to everyone who posted here. There is a lot of good information and informative videos posted here.

It now seems to me there are two styles of rhythm guitar. The first is where you are in the band and you play mainly the chords and keep the beat as the melody is shared between band members,

The second style is when you are playing solo. That way the rhythm guitarist plays the melody and the rifts. This second style is the one I will have a go at soon after watching more videos of people doing this style.

Any tips on this style will always be appreciated. @Richard_close2u perhaps you could cover this in a future rhythm club meeting?

I’m glad you did. Just reinforces my get that rhythm awesomely perfect! Rhythm is king!!!

As most know, this is something I work on alot, rhythm!! Love it!!

Rock on!

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