Ricky - original

Don’t necessarily agree with the character in this song, but I can sympathize with him.


Ridiculously good as always Jay well done. Loved the picking and a great sound from that guitar. Interesting lyrics :thinking: :+1:

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You’re a good singer/songwriter, not to mention performer, Jay, and this follows in the same vein as much of your work.
Well done!
I have no problem sympathising with anybody (esp. if they don’t share my views)
On the other hand, I’d be happy to have a discussion with Ricky if you’d like to put me in touch… :wink:

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Sounds great as always, Jay

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Nice song Jay, masive respect to you, I’ve enjoyed that a lot.

Not sure I entirely agree with Ricky too, but that’s a separate matter. He produces a damn fine tune though. :wink: :rofl:

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Thanks all for the kind comments. As to the reservations about the character and lyrics of the song, I have to say that this is definitely different from my other songs in that I’m treating it more like a writer might treat a short story. That is, the voice of the character is not my own. Rather, I’m taking the perspective of someone else, which is not difficult for me in this case because I grew up with a lot of people like Ricky. I am now one of the “city folk” that Ricky does not give 2 cents about, but I do think it’s important to understand where his anger is coming from. It’s our only hope, in my opinion, for overcoming a deep divide that is otherwise likely to lead to violence.


Incredible guitar work.


And hat’s how it came across, Jay :smiley:
At the end of the day, all conflict/disagreement can only be resolved by communication and mutual understanding.
Your explanation reminded me of a Johnny Dowd interview when asked about singing liberal/anti-Trump lyrics in the South. He said of the folk in Tennessee & Oklahoma, where he grew up: There’s a lot of poverty there, but these folk are some of the kindest you’ll ever find. They’d give you the shirt off their back…
Of course, they’d also shoot you in the f***ing head :open_mouth: :rofl: