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Are there TABS available for the riffs in the courses?

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There are, at least for some. Here’s one from Grade 2 Module 8 - Wish You Were Here riff for beginners: Wish You Were Here Riff For Beginners | JustinGuitar.com (scroll down on the Learn More tab).

Thanks judi.
I’m new here. Only on Module 4. Surprised there aren’t Tabs for all the riffs.

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I guess it’s complicated, Dave. After I typed that, I reviewed the Discussion tab for that Riff. Lots of concerns over copyright and the like…I suspect that might be the case for many songs. I don’t know how Justin’s team or anyone else keeps track of these things!

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Most of the issues are down to copyright but he does have over 500 songs lessons with tab avialble albeit a subscription service, one of the few. This video explains

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I’m just surprised that Tabs for the riffs given in the lessons are not part of the annual subscription. It’s just a pain to transcribe them.

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@Zxoomer Welcome to the forum.
Justin is a big avicate of using your ears to learn music and explains the riffs very well. Later on you’ll learn ear training and transcibing. You’ll be a much better musician using your ears.

I agree. IMO, the best way to learn a riff - at least when learning online - is to have:

  1. A good descriptive video (which Justin excels at)
  2. A tab that is 100% accurate, and consistent with the video (which Justin either does not think is important, or perhaps can’t provide because of ongoing copyright hassles with a music industry that seems intent on extracting every single penny from the fans)

While I agree with @stitch that learning to use your ears will definitely make you a much better musician in the long run, I’m not sure early in the beginner course is the time to do it.

I’m about 18 months into Justin’s lessons now, and am just starting to develop that ability. Very clearly remember how frustrating it was learning Wish You We’re Here from the video…endless rewinding and slowing down, only to find that Justin had provided most of the details, but missed a few WRT strumming patterns that I only figured out many months later.

I agree. It would be awesome to develop the ears but there’s so much else to focus on. I’ve purchased Justin’s ear training app but have to admit I haven’t spent much time on it.

Hello Dave, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:
Regarding your question, when you’re at module 4 at the moment, then I guess you’re practicing the Sunshine of your love riff.
When you scroll down at the website with the particular lesson, you’ll find the tab :grinning:.

Wish you lots of fun with it :smiley:.

Thanks Nicole! Found it. Perfect.
I went back into the Ear Trainer app…either I don’t understand how to use it or I just totally suck at it…probably the latter!

Be patient Dave these things take time. Just hang in there.

Hello @Zxoomer and welcome to the community.
Justin has to be very careful with copyright issues.
For riffs in the beginner modules he did decide to share a TAB based on the (sometimes simplified) versions he teaches.
Riffs with TAB in Grade 1

Module 2 Peter Gunn: Peter Gunn Theme | JustinGuitar.com

Module 3 7 Nation Army: Seven Nation Army | JustinGuitar.com

Module 4 Sunshine Of Your Love: Sunshine Of Your Love | JustinGuitar.com

Module 5 Come As You Are: RIFF Come As You Are | JustinGuitar.com

I hope that helps.
:slight_smile: Richard

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Thanks Richard.