Ring of Fire - Cover (OM XIX Dry Run)

Here is my dry run recording for last week’s open mic - Ring of Fire. I intentionally upped the energy in the live event, so not exactly the same vibe. And I don’t think I managed to get the walk ups and walk downs in the open mic either. Always interesting to see what that adrenaline does to you!


Hi Tosh,

yeah, maybe the vibes between this and the OM-version are slightly different, but both were enjoyable in their ways. :clap: As you said, it’s interesting what is going on when we’re put under pressure and adrenaline kicks in. :sweat_smile:

Liked the bass walks, it immediately gives me Cash-vibes and I’ll see if I can incorporate them in my version as well. Thanks for that inspiration. :slight_smile:

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I was really glad you did this one at the OM - love the song.

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I :heart_eyes: the :ring: of :fire: :exclamation: :smile:

Enjoyed both versions Tosh, always love it when you cover some Cash.

Oh yes for sure, I always find myself galloping off way too fast. Funny old game init !


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Can’t comment on your playing skill as it’s way above mine, but I love how well your voice complements your quiet but clear chord strumming. Very soothing to listen to :blush:

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thanks again!

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